Who We Are

Christine George has over twenty years of combined experience in corporate finance, human resources, and leadership training. She specializes in professional and personal development. After obtaining her bachelor’s in Business Marketing and her master’s in Business Administration, she founded Leadership Solutions, LLC.

Her platform for Leadership Solutions is “Where Issues Become Opportunities,” which focuses on best practices involving team building, employee management, conflict resolution, and effective HR practices. Christine’s vision is to inspire businesses and individuals to reach their full potential by modifying behaviors and promoting change to reach maximum performance. Christine has been employed with the State of Alabama in Child Support Enforcement for three years.

Christine has served on several community organizations that have helped in the advancement of youth in starting their college education. She is a graduate of Leadership Barbour Class III and she was awarded the 2016 Wallace Community College Alumnus of the Year Award. She is a member of the Old Mt. Silla Missionary Baptist Church where she serves faithfully.

Christine has written, Food for Thought: Building Human Capital by Feeding the Mind, Body, and Soul. In her book, she believes that building human capital is the catalyst in building businesses. It is crucial that businesses invest in their people with effective training and ensure that clear, consistent practices are engrained in its culture. In her book she found creative and motivational ways to teach management leadership principles by filtering messages through short stories, testimonies, and poems.

In her second book, I Remember…Memoirs of A Child Remembering, Forgiving, and Letting Go to Be Set Free, Christine will take you on a journey of uncovering masked wounds to reveal the undiscovered you by coming face to face with your truths. Christine message is one must face TRUTH, to release the power that is within you.

Christine lives in Clayton, Alabama, with her husband, Patrick. She is a mother of two sets of twins and grandmother of five.